Panorama Property Management Residential Lettings in Bournemouth, Dorset

Tenant Info

Emergency Call Out:

Should you require an emergency plumber/heating engineer (for issues including gas/water leaks or lack of heating/hot water); please call Ashdown Heating & Gas Ltd on 07899 964603.

However please note that they will only aim to address emergency situations and will not be available to attend on Christmas Day or New Years Day.

Please be aware that you may find yourself liable for payment of the invoice should a contractor be called out and it is deemed that the repair was not an emergency, or the fault found is deemed to be the responsibility of the tenant.

During The Winter Period:

Over the winter period it is not uncommon for pipes to freeze or for the pressure to drop in your boiler. If you think either of these things may have happened, please try the following tips before calling the emergency number:

If you think that the ‘condensate pipe’ of your boiler has frozen (the waste pipe that takes the condensation from your boiler to your drain outside), please carefully try the steps below:

1) Hold a hot water bottle around the pipe.

2) Pour hot (not boiling!), water over the frozen end of the pipe.

3) If you think the pipe is unfrozen, try switching on the boiler again. You may need to reset it.

4) If the boiler fires up then this has solved the problem. If it does not, please try the steps above again.

If the pressure on your boiler has dropped below ‘1’ bar: 

You will need to add more water. Please follow the instructions below, however please keep in mind that this will vary depending on your boiler’s make and model, so if you are in doubt, please refer to your boilers manual which you should be able to find online.

1) Connect the braided pipe between the two ends of your filling loop (on some boilers this is built in).

2) Open one valve and then the other slowly – the pressure should start to rise, watch the pressure gauge (this may be analog or digital).

3) Let the pressure reach between 1 and 1.2 bar.

4) Turn off the opened valves so that you don’t add too much pressure.

5) Disconnect the braided pipe again.

6) You may need to reset the boiler now.